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FILMFORUM dla Ukrainy

The FILMFORUM Association works for filmmakers from Ukraine

The tragic events behind the eastern border have deprived the esteemed and active Ukrainian filmmakers of the opportunity to pursue their passions and professional goals. In this difficult situation, they can count on our support!

Change of Dates of ViSTa Lab Academy

We are sorry to inform that ViSTa Lab Academy will not be held on the previously planned date. The new date of the event will be announced soon.

The date of the next edition of ViSTa Lab Academy

The next edition of ViSTa Lab Academy will be held on May 30 - June 6, 2021. ViSTa Lab Academy is an international script workshop during which participants, together with experienced experts, will develop their feature film projects and learn the secrets of film production.

Summary of ViSTa Lab workshops

The main goal of ViSTa Lab Academy was the international exchange of experiences between young adepts of film art, in particular scriptwriters and directors.