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Pracownia 35


Atelier A35

Warszawa, Radom, Olsztyn

Jarosław Basaj

“Atelier A35” is a common name for many diverse FILMFORUM activities dedicated to supporting the professional development of young cultural animators – people who are considering the possibility of linking their career path with the creative industry and who want to gain practical knowledge from the Association’s members, which has been developed over  20 years of its activity.

Internships at FILMFORUM are inextricably linked to the issue of volunteering in culture. In a broad sense, volunteering is understood as an activity for the benefit of those most in need or experiencing a temporary crisis. Volunteering in culture is significantly different from this stereotypical definition – it allows volunteers to give a part of themselves to the community, bring creative energy to the society and influence positive transformation, and at the same time gain new competences in return, which can become an important step in individual professional development. Often, the opportunity to develop professional competences is a key motivating factor. In the cultural and educational space, volunteers are not only people dealing with the simplest tasks, but also young leaders who actively co-create individual projects. It is a form of social activity that also helps build a young, creative managerial staff and contributes to shaping the civic activity of the young generation.

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