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The SHORT Festivalowski is coming! Submit a film to the international short comedies competition

The FILMFORUM Association is joining forces with the BiG Festivalowski to create an international short film competition as part of the Positive Art and Soft Content Festival. From today you can send your submissions for the SHORT Festivalowski.

BiG Festivalowski is a festival organised since 2022 in Płock, which has had two highly successful editions. Film screenings, meetings of filmmakers with the audience, a bathrobe fashion show, workshops, stand-ups, film music concerts played by an orchestra dressed in pyjamas… All of this adds up to a unique festival aiming to evoke only positive emotions. The audience bursts with laughter. Special guests leave the event with grins on their faces, bathrobes on their back and carpets under their arms. Everyone is more than satisfied.

Although it is hard to imagine that it could get any better, the organisers have decided to provide even more reasons for participants to laugh and enjoy the event during the upcoming third edition of the festival. From the combination of the mission and expertise of the FILMFORUM Association and the BiG Festivalowski team, SHORT Festivalowski – an international short film festival – was created. It aims to promote young filmmakers, showcase the diversity of short films, and give proper prominence to the extremely difficult and underestimated genre of comedy cinema with its brave and fearless filmmakers who have chosen this challenging career path. The debuting SHORT Festivalowski is expected to provide festival-goers with an extra dose of positive content, and young comedy filmmakers with the prestige, recognition and joy of sharing their work with the audience.

SHORT Festivalowski – conditions for submitting a film

Although the BiG Festivalowski puts the emphasis on complete freedom both in theory and practice, with film competitions it is like a bowling game – there are rules. In the case of the SHORT Festivalowski, they are very simple:

1. As the name suggests, the competition is all about short films, so the duration of the film must not exceed 40 minutes.

2. The competition aims to showcase newness, freshness, follow and promote new trends in comedy cinema, so the submitted films must be no older than two years (at the time of submission).

3. And the obvious – the creators of the submitted films cannot be members of the selection committee, jury members or organisers.

SHORT Festivalowski – regulations, application form and important dates

So anyone who does not belong to the group mentioned in point 3 and has made a film of up to 40 minutes in the last 2 years that is of a humorous nature, can submit it to the SHORT Festivalowski via the entry form, having first read the competition rules.

From the submitted applications, the Qualification Committee will select a set of films that will participate in the competition. The shortlist will be announced by 16 July 2024, and the selected films will be watched and judged by a distinguished Jury that has cut their teeth on entertaining audiences. The jury will select the best short comedies of the year and their creators will receive the Grand and Small Festivalowski financial prizes.

Join us for the 3rd edition of the BiG Festivalowski in Płock on 16-18 August 2024. We are waiting for film submissions until 10 June!

The organiser of the BiG Festivalowski festival is BiG Festivalowski sp. z o.o.

The organisers of the SHORT Festivalowski competition are BiG Festivalowski sp. z o.o. and the FILMFORUM Association.

The festival is co-financed by the Municipality of Płock, Office of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and Association of Polish Filmmakers.

The BiG Festivalowski will take place in Płock from 16-18 August 2024.