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Etiudes created during the TOGETHER workshops have an important message

Etiudes created during the TOGETHER workshops have an important message

During the international film workshop “TOGETHER -ToGetThere” supported by the European Union, young people from Poland, Ukraine, France and Italy created film commercials devoted to important social issues

During the 15th KAMERALNE SUMMER Polish Film Meetings in Radom, international film workshops were held under the name “TOGETHER -ToGetThere”. Participants from 4 European countries met to gain new competences, exchange experiences and jointly create social film advertisements under the watchful eye of film specialists.

In the first stage of the workshop, ideas for scripts developed by young filmmakers were presented during internal pitchings. For the participants it was not only a lesson in how to effectively present the project to a wider audience, but also how to function in conditions simulating the realities of the international audiovisual market.

For almost a week, four workshop groups worked extremely intensively on each stage of filmmaking. The participants worked independently on the pre-production, shooting and post-production of short film forms, each of the young filmmakers gained new skills by participating in the work of selected production divisions.

When creating the films, the workshop participants used both attractive locations in the urban space of Radom, as well as the courtesy of local entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions that provided them with locations for shooting.


The group, mentored by Kuba Bastkowski, created a short etude carrying a reassuring message that all evil can be overcome with good, all it takes is a small action of an individual, followed by others.

The filmmakers under the supervision of Karim Kourani made a controversial film in which the problem of intolerance to otherness, which can lead to completely absurd behavior, was raised. The study shows the extremes that exclusion can lead to.
Young artists, supervised by Marek Pawlikowski, raised the topic of self-acceptance and living in accordance with their convictions. Their film in a funny way encourages not to worry about the opinion of others and doing what we think is right in life.
Piotr Dylewski was the mentor of the group, which in his film portrayed the extremely serious problem of addiction to the use of the telephone. The protagonists of the etude miss important moments from their real life by devoting all their attention to what is happening on the screens of their mobile phones.
The films were presented during the final of Film Education Programs, which took place on Saturday, July 9, 2022 at the ELEKTROWNIA Mazovian Center for Contemporary Art in Radom.

The project “Together – ToGetThere” is co-financed by the European Union.

FILMFORUM Association (Poland)

CINEMAHALL (Ukraine), KINOGRAPHE (France), Associazione Cinematografica e Culturale LABORATORIO DEI SOGNI (Italy)