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Robert Gajzler


Film Education Section

Educational Program Coordinator


  • Educational Program Coordinator

Robert Gajzler

Cinematographer, founder of the MDP Academy. He began his adventure with the film by working on the set of “Maidens and Widows” directed by Janusz Zaorski. He graduated from the Warsaw Film School and the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles. In addition to film production and production, since 2016 he has been involved in film education of children and youth, as well as activating older people, expanding their interests and skills in the field of audiovisual culture. Organizer of film education programs as part of the KAMERALNE LATO and MASTERCLASS – School of Filming.

Participation in current projects:

  • National Film Meetings KAMERALNE LATO
  • MASTERCLASS – School of Filmmaking