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Rafał Jeżak


Organization and Production Section

security specialist

Rafał Jeżak

Graduate of international relations at Melchior Wańkowicz University of Journalism in Warsaw and of political science at Pedagogical Academy in Cracow. He gained experience in the Department of Information System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the Office of Information and Social Communication of the Presidential Chancellery. For several years a journalist of the Radom newspapers “Słowo Ludu” and “Echo Dnia”. In the years 2004-2011 spokesman of the Municipal Police Station in Radom. Co-author of the book “From the history of the Radom Police”. Entered twice for “PRotony” – awards given to communication professionals for “innovation and creativity”. Since 2011 a member of the Press Team of the Regional Police Headquarters based in Radom, and since 2016 Deputy Director for Organizational Affairs of the National Film Meetings KAMERALNE LATO. He combines his professional work with social activities as a firefighter and paramedic.