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FILMFORUM implements numerous activities in the field of science, culture and education. We organize workshops, conferences, educational and cultural events, we have technical and organizational facilities necessary to prepare and carry out both modest, intimate ventures and large mass events. We have knowledge and contacts. Our many years of experience allow us to take on various challenges – from typically artistic projects to commercial event activities, courses, training and educational programs.

Organization of events

– we organize events, concerts, performances, film screenings and festivals,

– we acquire and complete film repertoires,

– we implement industry-specific advertising, social and information campaigns,

– we train specialists,

– we provide technical, organizational and IT facilities for implemented projects,

– we organize workshops and conferences.

Advertising campaigns

The potential and previous experience of FILMFORUM allow us to professionally implement strictly profiled advertising and information campaigns targeted at the film industry, with particular emphasis on the environment of young filmmakers, film school students, independent filmmakers and a wide range of people interested in film subject (mainly pupils and students) .

We also offer display of advertising modules on the FILMFORUM.PL website:

Media patronage

Are you interested in promoting your event or film through the FILMFORUM.PL website?
Do you want to inform the readers of the portal about the review, festival, your own cultural initiative, workshops and trainings?

We are waiting for applications:

phone.: +48 22 392 03 22

Download the application for patronage of FILMFORUM.PL: