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Polish-Ukrainian Film Workshops

22 September 2017
Polish-Ukrainian Film Workshops

A specialistic program of film education directed to youth from Poland and Ukraine. 

Polish-Ukrainian Workshops of Film Reportage is a professional program of film education, which takes place in Olsztyn, famous for its historical coexistence of national minorities. The project will create conditions for Polish and Ukrainian youth to observe cultural diversification accumulated in a small area and by its better study will shape basis of understanding and respect to mutual otherness. 

A cycle of workshops and practical exercises from particular film fields (script, direction, organisation of production, screen realisation, montage) as well as meetings and lectures aimed at acknowledgement of the participants with a specificity of the neighbouring country, local history and culture of the region will take place in frames of the project. 


The nearest edition:

  • 3. edition
  • 8-14 October 2017 


  • Dorota Kozłowska-Woźniak
  • Diana Lazdane 



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