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Aleksandra Różdżyńska



PR consultant

Aleksandra Różdżyńska

For over a dozen years associated with Polish cinema. At the Polish Film Institute, she initiated and ran the “FIRST SHOT” program targeted at young filmmakers. In the years 2008-2013 she was an expert of the Polish Film Institute in the field of popularizing film culture. She cooperates with the Polish Filmmakers Association. Related to film festivals: WARSAW FILM FESTIVAL, YOUTH AND FILM in Koszalin,  KAMERALNE LATO in Radom, LUBUSKIE LATO FILMOWE, PROWINCIONALIA and Outdoor FILM SPRING OPEN. She also deals with lifestyle issues, which she touches on, among others, regular columns in Playboy, as well as on the portals Na Na and A graduate of the University of Warsaw and postgraduate production studies at the Warsaw Film School and the Wajda School.